Heart, Mind, Body, Soul Alignment with Jolene Kelley

Supporting your Healing Journey of Transformation and Total Alignment

Body Alignment

Your body is your greatest ally! Your most painful parts are a catalyst for growth and healing. In Alignment Therapy, we will physically and energetically meet these “wounded” parts, fully saturating them with skilled-therapy and love, allowing for complete transformation and healing.

Healing Trauma

Healing trauma is not about getting rid of it, you can’t, it’s about expanding one’s capacity to hold space for it, expanding one’s container, allowing trauma to become less concentrated. Healing trauma is a lifelong journey of embodying the feeling of safety and resiliency...our birthright.


We are all here to transform and grow in incredible ways.  Using this simple formula will support your process: Intention + Action = Transformation.  Declare what you want to alignment with, root down in your unwavering intention and move your entire being towards it: thoughts, words, body, and actions.  Experience the ease and joy of being YOU.
Spiritual Attunmet
Deep Exploration
Somantic Resonance

Alignment & Transformation Programs

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Jolene’s ability to provide healing in several dimensions of health is unparalleled. For me personally, she has had a positive impact on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In fact, every time I leave a session with Jolene, my nervous system feels reset and I am filled with optimism. She provides a wonderful and necessary foundation for me to build from.
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Jolene's energy is extremely clear, clean, bright, and full of both strength and love. It has been an absolute blessing and pleasure to participate in healing work with her. Jolene approaches the whole body, including the spiritual and emotional components, as she works with you to deeply relax and holistically align. Her energy and touch is beaming with compassionate love.
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"Jolene is a healer; I felt nurtured from my first moments in her presence. This experience is priceless by itself. What I did not expect is the power of the transformation work that occurred between sessions. Change is hard, however, I feel as if I have been given a new map toward removing the roadblocks to opening up the person who I truly am inside. "
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Sacred Alignment
Somatic Resonance
Embodied Transformation
Spiritual Attunement
Deep exploration
Heart centered
Healing bodywork
authentic connection
Embodied transformation

I’m a Body Therapist Specializing in Alignment Therapy and Transformation Support.

I am trained to understand and see the body structurally and energetically and have created a healing modality of integrative wellness.
  • Oregon School of Massage in 2010 (license #17693)
  • Integrative Approach
  • Trauma Informed
  • Advanced Training